New Fringe Show – 2UP: Second Player


Mostly Water is back for their first fringe in five years with a new sketch show, blending stage, song and video into a hilarious, soupy pile of goodness.

From the makers of ***** fringe hits 1UP and 15 Minutes, 2UP: Second Player explores the gamification of life and the past and present games that fill up our heart-meters.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this baby with fine sketch, music, animation, marionettes and an epic continuation of our popular Oilers Lost viral hit.

Buy Tickets Here
Tickets will also be available at the door before all shows.

Shows are at Venue 26: the beautiful Garneau Theatre on 109th Street (Metro Cinema). It’s also a PokéStop so you can stock up on pokéballs and eggs before and after the show. Or if you don’t play Pokémon Go, then you can stock up on beer and popcorn.

Fri 12 – 9:00pm
Sun 14 – 2:30pm
Wed 17 – 7:15pm
Fri 19 – 11:00pm
Sat 20 – 4:00pm
Sun 21 – 2:00pm

With Matt Stanton and Trent Wilkie on-stage.

Joined by Mostly Water members Craig Buchert and Sam Varteniuk on-screen.

With appearances/voice overs by Mark Meer, Samara Sedmack, Louise Casemore and Ryan Byrne.

Video direction and editing by Jason Ludwig.

Director of photography: Brad Thomson

It’s gonna be a blast. Hope to see you there! We’re totally Excitebike about it. excitebike

2UP PokePoster Med


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