Metro Shorts S7E03


What is Metro Shorts? Well …

Metro Shorts is an adjudicated short film event hosted by Mostly Water Theatre and produced by Metro. It gives local filmmakers an opportunity to screen their work for a live audience and industry professionals, and the chance to be renewed. Filmmakers whose films are selected for inclusion receive a $50 CARFAC screening fee, with an additional $100 cash prize given to the winner of each event. A grand prize is presented at the end of the season.

Where is it? Since you asked…

Metro Cinema Society can be found in the Garneau Theatre at 8712 109 Street in Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2L5

Visit the Metro Cinema site link HERE!

Whose shorts are we showing this time round? Well, I can’t cut and past text from Facebook using my phone so here is a crappy JPEG:



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