2UP – Only Four Shows Left

Hope to see you at one of our last four shows! Wed 17 – 7:15PM, Fri 19 – 11:00PM, Sat 20 – 4:00PM, Sun 21 – 2:00PM. All shows are at Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre on 109th St). Tix available at the Edmonton Fringe or $3 cheaper at the door for cash only.
Here’s a taste of one of the skits.


New Fringe Show – 2UP: Second Player


Mostly Water is back for their first fringe in five years with a new sketch show, blending stage, song and video into a hilarious, soupy pile of goodness.

From the makers of ***** fringe hits 1UP and 15 Minutes, 2UP: Second Player explores the gamification of life and the past and present games that fill up our heart-meters.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this baby with fine sketch, music, animation, marionettes and an epic continuation of our popular Oilers Lost viral hit.

Buy Tickets Here
Tickets will also be available at the door before all shows.

Shows are at Venue 26: the beautiful Garneau Theatre on 109th Street (Metro Cinema). It’s also a PokéStop so you can stock up on pokéballs and eggs before and after the show. Or if you don’t play Pokémon Go, then you can stock up on beer and popcorn.

Fri 12 – 9:00pm
Sun 14 – 2:30pm
Wed 17 – 7:15pm
Fri 19 – 11:00pm
Sat 20 – 4:00pm
Sun 21 – 2:00pm

With Matt Stanton and Trent Wilkie on-stage.

Joined by Mostly Water members Craig Buchert and Sam Varteniuk on-screen.

With appearances/voice overs by Mark Meer, Samara Sedmack, Louise Casemore and Ryan Byrne.

Video direction and editing by Jason Ludwig.

Director of photography: Brad Thomson

It’s gonna be a blast. Hope to see you there! We’re totally Excitebike about it. excitebike

2UP PokePoster Med

Metro Shorts: Season 8 Finale


The grand finale of METRO SHORTS Season 8 is upon us. We’ve seen so many great short films this year. The talent in this city and consistent quality of submissions astounds us each episode.

Join us for the big final show of the season:

Thursday, April 7th @ 7PM
Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre) on 109th St.

Adjudicating the evening will be national treasure Dana Andersen, Peter Brown, and Davina Stewart.


Mark Jowett gets judged after presenting his short film “Face Explosion Man”.

There will be great prizes for filmmakers with the winner of the season taking home a special prize presented by Dylan Pearce of FAVA.

Come out and have a great time supporting local filmmakers and celebrating this city’s awesome film scene.





Ronnie Jimmie releases new comedy album

The Trent Wilkie

RonniePress3For those who don’t know, Ronnie Jimmie ‘The funniest man in Canada™’, is alive and well and living in Edmonton.

Fresh off his recent ‘Double Trouble’ tour, Jimmie is releasing the latest collection of his work in the form of a comedy album called ‘A Day Late and a Loonie Short’.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the former East Coaster at his home on the north side to not only ask him a few questions about he upcoming album, but to also find out where this can-con icon got his start in comedy.

He has been on the job for a while. In his first live recording, Ronnie Jimmie Having fun, things didn’t really go his way. Maybe it was the audience, maybe it was him, he isn’t really sure. One thing he is sure about though is the CBC really ‘Oh Shit’ the bed.

That didn’t stop Jimmie…

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Mostly Water Theatre’s new album drops, gets dusted off, then released


Over the past ten years, we’ve accumulated a collection of songs about dogs, Alberta towns, winter and exploding penguins. These songs – performed on CBC’s Irrelevant Show, at North Country Fair, and on various stages throughout Alberta – have been a popular part of our repertoire.

This album is a collection of some of those songs. And the very lovely and super talented James Murdoch (The Dungarees, The James Murdoch Band) produced, recorded and mastered the whole damn thing.

Having performed countless times in the now destroyed Roxy Theatre, Mostly Water Theatre will donate 15% of album sales to Theatre Network.

Produced and recorded in Edmonton’s Norwood Studio, the album features local A-list musicians Nathan Carroll, James Murdoch, and Bradford Tebble.

All the songs are written and performed by the stupid idiots in Mostly Water.

So have a beer. Take a listen. And I don’t know, have a nap or something. I don’t know what you need to do.

Purchase the album from iTunes


The Terrifying Truth about the “Pillars of Creation”

NASA recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope by releasing a new, higher resolution look at the iconic “Pillars of Creation” located in the Eagle Nebula, 6,500 light years from Earth.

The updated photo of the "Pillars of Creation", Hubble Telescope, 2014

The updated photo of the “Pillars of Creation”, Hubble Space Telescope, 2015

It’s a testament to humanity that we can see this far into our skies. How tiny a spec of insignificance we all are on this miniscule floating blue ball of existence.


These “pillars” are also super scary and possessed or something else totally scary!

The scientists at Mostly Water Theatre took a closer look and found some stuff that will chill your spine right to the bone!

EXHIBIT A: Dead Mouse


Upon closer examination of the middle column, we see some kind of terrifying dead mouse or one of those yep-yep-yep-uhuh aliens from Sesame Street. Ominous to be sure. But what could it mean?!

Dead mouse? Poop with eyes? What is it?!

Dead mouse? Poop with eyes? What is it?!

EXHIBIT B: Spooky Face Guy


Near the top of the leftmost pillar, a giant haunted soul with glowing eyes appears to beg for questions. Am I using that right?

Ah! He's staring right into me!

Ah! He’s staring right into you!

EXHIBIT C: Beelzebubula


On the rightmost pillar is clearly the devil. Look at him!

The Devil himself. Verified.

The Devil himself. Verified.

He’s got glowing fire-breath or something!

And it sort of looks like he’s pointing. Maybe in the direction of Earth! Maybe even towards YOUR house!

EXHIBIT D: And What’s This?!


We don’t even want to hazard a guess at what this might be. But it looks like trouble!

Is it wearing glasses? That's not good if it is!

Is it a guy with a goatee wearing glasses? Bad sign if it is!


No matter what these turn out to be, it seems like we’re screwed.

NASA refused to comment about this, but it’s obvious that there is a major cover-up for something probably pretty perverted and gross.

We’ll call NASA again in the morning, but they seemed really mad at our last phone call.

Metro Shorts S7E03


What is Metro Shorts? Well …

Metro Shorts is an adjudicated short film event hosted by Mostly Water Theatre and produced by Metro. It gives local filmmakers an opportunity to screen their work for a live audience and industry professionals, and the chance to be renewed. Filmmakers whose films are selected for inclusion receive a $50 CARFAC screening fee, with an additional $100 cash prize given to the winner of each event. A grand prize is presented at the end of the season.

Where is it? Since you asked…

Metro Cinema Society can be found in the Garneau Theatre at 8712 109 Street in Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2L5

Visit the Metro Cinema site link HERE!

Whose shorts are we showing this time round? Well, I can’t cut and past text from Facebook using my phone so here is a crappy JPEG: